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Up for a Little S & M?
It doesn’t have to hurt!  It can be fun!  Just know your limits and plan every detail, just like you do your dinner.
The Menu
Singapore Sling 
Black & Blue Cheese with Capers & Red Onions
Tie Me Up Ropa Vieja with White Rice
Stuff my Artichoke with Roasted Garlic Wine Dip
Whip me Good Chocolate Mousse
Carbanet/Merlot Blend
Shop ahead and prepare the menu.  Grap your list and take 30 minutes to gather your ingredients.  Maybe a few non-food accessories are needed?
Get the flank steak cooked, cooled and shredded.  Boil the artichokes and bake the cake.  Not much to it!
A Hard Knock at the Door!
Answer the door with a Singapore Sling in your hand (another sling in the dungeon?).  This may take the edge off!  Leather placemats with lace napkins works tonite.  After a delectable appetizer, kick it up several notches with a spicy beefy old rope.  Stuff your saddlebags with the artichoke on the side and then the Sock-it-to-Me cake.  A well blended wine works here.  End it with a Stinger!  Ohhhh!  I can hear the crack of the whip already!