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The Morning After Breakfast in Bed
Always be prepared...if you are planning on having that SPECIAL someone over, prepare for it properly!
Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary (or Shannon, Alice, Sam, Lou..whom ever!)
Breakfast in Bed Casserole
Sexy Stick Buns
Big Banana Bread
She's so Fresh Fruit Salad
The Bloody Mary mix should be plentiful.  Perhaps you would like the pepper flavored vodka and make sure that you have some celery, cherry tomatoes and lemons (for a fresh squeeze!).
Make the casserole the night before so that all you have to do is turn on the oven and pop it in.
Slide out of bed quitely.  Turn on the oven and start the casserole.  Cut the fruit and make the coffee.  Skewer the vegetables for the Bloody Marys.  Set the tray and make it look nice...fresh flowers, linen napkins always makes a lasting memory (just in case the evening wasn't memorable!).  Awaken her with a soft kess and the fragrances of cinnamon and coffee.